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    May 30th, 2011 10:57 pm


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Graalonlineclassic is an incredibly ingenious game created for the iPod,iPhone,and iPad. It was designed as a social game where u can: Buy new clothes,Take towers with your guilds(Clubs), customize ur charactor with thousands of different looks,buy transformations,battle,createyour own custom body,head,shield,and even a sword. Is it free? no but You can farm to obtain gralats or merely just buy a gralat pack (99 cents for 2500 gralats, $3.00 for 8000) with 2500 u can buy your very first horse which when it eats a bomb it can breath fire. Bombs and arrows are also provided in this game. You start out with 30 of each. Graalonlineclassic also allows u to throw parties at your house or guildhouse or they sometimes open a special place called the revoulution where they sell exclusive items and throw great parties. Graalonlineclassic is available from the appstore for free.